tonight.. we’re sneaking in, prepare.. to kill that witch.

Last night was pretty intense. A lot happened, and when I say ‘a lot’, I really mean A LOT. There were a couple of things going on and one way or another I wanted to be there for all of them. After four long hours of school plus seven hours of working, I was finally free and went to pick up Mely. We went over to my house to get ready because we had two Halloween parties going on. She dressed up as a 70s disco girl and I was Pete Doherty <3.

For a few years now I have been a little obsessed with that guy’s style and overall image. I know what you guys might be thinking, “Why the fuck would you look up to some junkie that made a bong out of a cat?!” Well I’m not so big on his junkie mannerisms due the fact that I do shower daily and don’t do drugs, but I really love his style. I am really into the grungy and effortless looking style yet still always looking nice and I think that Pete Doherty portrays this really well. After putting on my chelsea boots, throwing on a loose skinny tie, adding some shadow to my eyes to give it the junkie effect, and greasing the shit out of my hair, I was good to go!

We went over to buy some vodka and then over to my friend Jason’s house because we were having a Halloween dinner party! Mely made these really cute Halloween decorated cupcakes and Jason made this really delicious pasta. After din din we all went over to La Sexta and the real party began.

[Mely’s cupcakes]
[Jason’s pasta]

The Kry-Lon’s at Black Box.

I went over to Don Loope where my friend Mauricio [a.k.a. Maurice de la Falaise] was playing music at. This guy is originally from Tijuana but moved to Los Angeles and only comes every once in a while. Whenever he’s down here, he usuahly gets invited to play at a bar and I am usually almost always there because I really dig the music he plays, I mean, he was a 90s teen [not kid, teen] how can he NOT have good taste in music?! After Mauricio finished playing it was time for Dani Shivers, the Casio Queen, to take the stage.

I don’t wanna sound like a lame teen fan/groupie of this girl You Schaffner [Dani Shivers’ real name], but I guess I really am. I have been a fan of her style and music for quite some time. I remember way back when I was about 16 years old I believe, that I saw her band Ibi Ego play for the very first time in Tijuana at a show they did with Molotov and Infected Mushroom. They opened for them and I had no idea who they were or anything but right when I got home that day from the concert, I added them on MySpace and listened to all of their tracks. A few years later I got po meet her and interview her for my other blog O.M.T. about her solo project which is ‘Dani Shivers‘ which was cool. She really gave a great show last night like always and was perfect for the Halloween party since her music is all spooky and stuff. Click –> this link to listen to her music!

In other news, I’ve been thinking about changing up my blog a little and making it more of a photography blog or perhaps even a personal style blog, but I’m not sure yet. I do love writing and taking photos so thats definitely not changing! Stay connected for these upcoming changes and I hope you all don’t hate me because I love you guys and the feeling should always be mutual <3 :3. Hope you all have a good weekend! 🙂


how do I look like as a blonde?

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