this is your baptism, and you can’t forgive ’em.

‘This is your baptism, and you can’t forgive ‘em. This is your baptism, and you can’t forgive ‘em.’ I have had those lyrics stuck in my head for several hours now and let me tell you why. Yes guys I ‘m back with a new post, sorry I have been absent lately but I have been really busy with a bunch of shit like work and also I am going to be transferring to a different school next semester. But anyway, now I will tell you why I have this song stuck in my head.


Last night Crystal Castles came to town. When I say ‘in town’, I am talking about Tijuana and not San Diego. This was such an epic night because it was the first time they have come to Baja needless to say Tijuana. The show was held at Black Box and personally I was really excited because I love this venue. I met up with my friend Danh who came all the way from Mexicali and also with my friend Torrey. From what I remember, I was just there in a corner chilling with my friends when out of no where the place went pitch black and fog started coming out.

The show began and everyone went crazy. Alice came out in her usual signature look with her heavy eye make-up, a baggy t-shirt tucked into a skirt, white tights, and her Docs. This is the second time I have seen them this year [previously back in March or February at House of Blues in San Diego] and I have to admit that the show last night was a million times better. I went into the crowd with Torrey and managed to squeeze my way in all the way into the front [the benefits of being skinny]. I lost my sweater which I was a little bummed about because it was my favorite sweater and also my hat got smashed by everyone and completely deformed. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, I could not believe that I was just a few feet away from Alice Glass! I personally love all of their songs but my two favorites are ‘Baptism’ and ‘I’m Not In Love’, and they played them both so you can just imagine how crazy and happy I got.

In other news, it is raining today in Tijuana and I am really loving the weather, plus I got the day off from work and I ‘m loving life. Now I am going to go prepare myself some strong coffee and get some Advils because I have a massive hangover that is killing me. Have a nice weekend everyone and I’ll see you soon.



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