A New Start

Can’t believe that I’m actually here sitting down at my favourite coffee shop in Tijuana writing this post. It’s been literally over a year since I shut down my site and went on hiatus. Not that anyone owes anyone an explanation for the decisions they make since our lives are meant to be lived by us and only us. I just wanted to give a little prologue of what I was going through and reflect on how this has shaped me so much into the person that I am today.

The motivation and fire that I had when I was running this website was as real as can be it’s just that the realization came later; I was simply doing way too much than I could handle. It’s not an easy thing working two part-time retail jobs, trying to launch a small business and running a blog all at once. Now add all the personal stuff we deal with that we don’t share on camera.

I simply felt very exhausted and my body crashed, therefore I decided to literally quit everything and work on a new version of myself. I believe I still have the same essence just that my focus geared towards a different direction. When I took my break I decided to start therapy which later on lead to visits to psychiatrists and other stuff. Taking a look at our mental health every now and then is a great and very normal thing that should be discussed more in my opinion. After I learned a little more about what was going on in my head, things changed for the better since day one I kid you not! I also went back to yoga and started paying more attention to wellness overall.

Anyway where I’m going with this is that in this life, we are allowed to take as many breaks as we want whenever we want to. One has the power to reinvent themselves as many times as they desire and if you work for what you want one day at a time, I’m certain that you will get it at the end. This entire manifestation trip that I’ve been into at the moment will be further discussed in another post but for now that is all I really wanted to share. I also switched my format more to video and Instagram so that we can engage better so I’d really appreciate if you guys checked out the new content I’ll be posting on those platforms and give me your feedback.

Thank you for all the love and support

– Jorge


Pictures by: Jorge Escalante @jorge_luis_escalante

Location: Malvia Coffee Bar @malviacoffeebar

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  1. Karla Wade says:

    Me encanto Jorge, siempre cabeza arriba y corazón abierto!

    1. Jorge says:

      Muchas gracias Karla! Mucha buena energía siempre <3

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