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I flew in last week to my hometown [Tijuana] whom I so dearly missed after four long months of being away. I am very happy with my new life in Mexico City but despite the change in city, one is always going to have that nostalgic feeling and love towards their hometown. During my stay here I plan on catching up with friends, doing some new posts for the blog, and being lazy and getting pampered by my mother of course. <3

This past weekend I drove up with my family to Anaheim, California. We did a lot in the short amount of time that we were there including visiting the Santa Monica Pier, going over to Downtown Disney, walking the streets of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and my personal favorite.. The Paul Getty Museum.

I had heard about The Getty before but had never actually seen pictures of it or knew what kind of museum it was. Right off the bat I was very impressed with the architecture of the place because it is very much my style. The entire museum is made up of very minimalistic geometric square shapes which is something that I love. Aside from its remarkable architecture, the exhibits in the museum were to die for. There was even an entire room [my personal favorite] with many pieces from my favorite painter Renoir. My experience at The Getty was unforgettable and I plan on going back sometime soon because it is such an incredible place that requires several trips in order to fully see and appreciate it all. The Getty is such a nice place to go and visit whether you are an art lover or not, the history that it stores is something that no other place will be able to bring to you.

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  1. Luisa Verdee says:

    Me encanta ese museo, sobretodo por que esta alejado de la ciudad te encierra en el y los jardines ni se diga, están hermosos!

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