the city.

So a couple weeks ago my mom came to visit me here in Mexico City and help me out with some moving stuff. Since she doesn’t really come here much, my free time was dedicated to her and doing whatever she wanted. We visited a few museums and rode the Turibus which is a double decker bus that takes you all over Mexico City [usually packed with tourists]. It was nice to live this experience because I have been living here for almost a year now and hadn’t even taken the time to visit half of what this enormous and amazing city has to offer. I made a compilation of some of the short videos I shot with my iphone. Hope you guys like the city from my point of view!
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  1. Alex Tolosa says:

    Tu video me hizo recordar lo mucho que extraño el DF :c

  2. Kenove says:

    vente a vivir al df! yo te adopto 🙁 novela.

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