the aviator.

As many of you know, skinny jeans are a signature piece in my wardrobe and are something that I very much love. That does not mean that I limit myself to only wearing them. I do enjoy a nice pair of trousers every once in a while. The pair I am wearing in this post is very special to me and here is why.
I found these wonderful aviator-esque pants [or as I also like to call them pilot pants] a couple years ago in a store called Buffalo Exchange in San Diego. The tag says that they are from H&M, which I was very surprised to see when I found them since I had never seen them carry anything remotely similar in their pant collection. I was drawn to these pants originally because of the vintage tweed fabric they are made out of and when I saw the cut, I was very curious to see what they looked like. I ended up purchasing them because they fit perfectly without any tailoring necessary and this is rare for me since I have very long and thin legs. I really love the vintage 1920s aviator feel that they give you and enjoy wearing them every once in a while. For this post I paired my beloved pilot pants with my new Dr. Martens and biker jacket and really liked the result!

– Jorge.

 I’m wearing: H&M aviator trousers, Dr. Martens boots, Forever 21 biker jacket, Casio watch, Thrifted sunglasses

photos by Hen Evia

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