summer so far.

Hello dear readers.. guess what? YES I’M BACK! 😀 So sorry I was absent for such a long time. I had the biggest intention of keeping the blog up this summer but to my luck, I dropped my laptop at the Tijuana airport right as I landed and was computer-less for pretty much the entire summer until today that I got it back from getting fixed. That of course didn’t stop me from taking some pictures and documenting some of the fun stuff that I did. So here are some of my summer adventures. It’s great to be back and I hope you guys enjoy this super mega post!
• • •

Baja Beer Fest

Mely made her debut on stage as a back up dancer and singer! lolz

.. I just got drunk.

sum luv :3

• • •

Marina & the Diamonds concert in Hollywood

she came out after waiting for an hour to meet and greet her fans.

such a cutie <3

there i was about to shit myself..

and here i pretty much died.

best concert ever

wasn’t able to bring my camera into the venue so I have dieguito to thank for the concert pictures!
the next day we did a little shopping and walking around hollywood blvd.

me and my sisters. 
died with this huge pizza.

dancing jesus.
• • •

Raped an alien

oh yessss

got more drunk and became a soccer pro.

• • •
and some more partying!

I still have a few days left here in Tijuana before I go back to Mexico City and start back again with my school life and everything so I plan on making my last days here the best ones! Such a good summer overall!
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