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My style icon for this post is someone who has been helping me a lot with my blog lately, my good friend Tony Montaño. As a first impression one might think, Oh look, another well dressed ordinary boy. After getting to know him better, I found out that his life is anything but ordinary. At his young age, he already has a successful fashion blog, has worked in Grazia Mexico, and currently works for Marie Claire. I decided to feature him as a style icon here on Factory Boy and did a little interview with him.

How did the idea of creating your blog [Eco & Narciso] come about and why did you choose that name?

Eco & Narciso is a project I have with my friend, and now business partner, Ana. We wanted to start our own business and decided to go with a blog, a resource that is growing exponentially. With it being a blog focused on both men and womens fashion, we wanted the name to make reference to this. We thought about several famous couples, from characters from literary novels to historical ones. Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, Sid and Nancy, etc. After quite some brainstorming, the myth of Eco [the nymph] and Narciso [the boy who fell in love with his own reflection] came to our minds. We ended up liking the sound of the name and the story behind these two characters. This is how Eco & Narciso was born.

What´s a day like in the life of Tony Montaño?

To be honest my days are very busy. I go to work in the mornings and finish around the evening. I am still in university, which is why in the afternoons I focus on school. I get home pretty late and in the hours I have left from my day, I try to finish any pending homework assignments or tasks, which include preparing posts for my blog. When the week comes to an end I am usually exhausted and the only thing I want to do is sleep.

Where do you seek inspiration from when it comes to making an outfit?

I declare myself to be an Instagram addict. I follow an endless amount of bloggers, people in the fashion industry, celebs, etc. If I see an outfit that catches my eye, I take a screenshot with my phone and try to adapt it to my style and the clothing I own.

Do you believe that one is born with style or does one create his own? Does money play a big role?

As we are growing, our taste keeps on changing and we generate a style according to the situation and the context we are living in at the moment. I believe that it is impossible for someone to marry a particular style and stay with it until the end. It is crucial to identify the type of clothing that fits our bodies and incorporate the trends to our personal style. And of course money has nothing to do with this!

Let´s talk about current fashion, which are your favorite designers or brands?

Lately Kitsuné, Acne and A.P.C. have become my favorites. You can also count on Zara always.

What are your thoughts about the fashion being made in Mexico, any favorite designers?

I am very glad to see that the fashion industry in Mexico is growing very quickly. Forums such as MBFW [Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week] or IDM [International Designers Mexico] are platforms that support Mexican talent a great deal and help them to be exported and recognized worldwide. I love the designs of Kris Goyri [I wish he also did menswear].

What do you think of this blogger boom that has been going on during these past couple of years? What other male fashion blogs do you follow and why?

This digital media era is the business of the future without a doubt. It is no coincidence that the blogger fever has grown in such this short amount of time. My favorite bloggers are Alberto Ortiz Rey that besides having an incredible style is very handsome. I am also a huge fan of Cup of Couple; I think they are the perfect couple.

Who is your top celebrity style icon? 

Lindsay Lohan, I would love to be her best friend.

Pop Quiz

Color: Red

Favorite garment: Shirts

I could never wear… Uggs and Crocs

City to live in… London

Vacation spot… Paris

Place to go shopping… Paris

Last thing you splurged on: Flowers

Favorite drink: Simple water

Biggest confessable vice: Dancing

Favorite movie: The entire Harry Potter saga

Favorite song at the moment: Stay High (Habits Remix) – Tove Lo

Favorite food: Ice-cream

Tony is wearing: American Apparel shirt, Zara chinos, H&M belt, Miansai bracelet, Adidastennis shoes

photos by me
Hope you enjoyed this interview I had with Tony and make sure to follow his blog Eco Narciso ( to see what he´s up to!

– Jorge.
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