style icon: matthias cornilleau.

Even though the new semester already started for me, the first couple of weeks are usually pretty chill and not a lot goes on. Lately I have had some free time on my hands which I usually spend on my computer looking through blogs or keeping up with all the collections of mens fashion week which is currently going on. Whenever I don’t know what to wear, I usually check up on my favorite bloggers to seek inspiration from them and since today was one of those days, I came across this new one I had never seen before on 

As I was scrolling down through the newest looks on lookbook, I came across Matthias and headed to his blog right away. I was very drawn to his personal style because it is everything I look for when it comes to inspiration. I love how grungy yet clean yet effortless he looks in every single one of his looks [don’t know if that made any sense!]; and the greyscale pallet that he usually wears is really cool too. I honestly don’t know how the french do it! I wish I could dress like that everyday, but anyway, make sure to check out his blog Styl[nox]e, which is now one of my favorites!

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