style icon: adrian cano.

 When it comes to style icons, most people usually refer to Olivia Palermo, Mary-Kate Olsen, Anna Dello Russo, etc. When it comes to male style icons probably Brad Goreski or Nick Wooster. These people of course are very inspirational due to the impeccable style they have but being realistic, most of us aren’t able to own Prada shoes or YSL suits. Bloggers are what really inspire me because most of them show you their style and don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit in order to look good.

One of my top style icons is fashion blogger Adrian Cano. I started following him on lookbook when I first discovered the website back in 2009 and really admired his style ever since. His evolution in style and as a blogger from then to now was also really cool to see because it reminds me of how my personal style evolved too from when I was younger up to now. Something I really like about his style is how clean and elegant he looks all the time. I really love his colored skinny suits and they are probably the first thing I would take if I could ransack his closet! Thanks Adrian for inspiring other bloggers and people like me all over the world! Make sure you check out his blog.

[all photos belong to Adrian Cano and were borrowed from his personal blog for this post]
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  1. Olga says:

    Me encanta!

  2. Street Fashion Paris says:

    Agree, he is an ikon!

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