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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains some photos that will be seen to more detail and with a better purpose later on.

So today I went on a mini picture taking date with my friend Alexis. The purpose of these pictures was because well, we both are interning for College Fashionista next semester. Alexis has been doing it for a couple semesters now and she finally ended up convincing me to do this. I am really excited to be doing this internship next semester at my school because it is something that combines three of my favorite things which include photography, writing, and blogging. Here are some of the final pictures I selected. I’m not sure which one I will be choosing for my profile but make sure to check back in January at the College Fashionista website to read mine and Alexis’ style guru profile!

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  1. sadié bargéron says:

    Love your style! x

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