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Hello everyone. Like I had mentioned a while back, this semester I got an internship at College Fashionista as Style Guru for my new school in Mexico City. The internship officially began last week and today my first post which was my ‘Style Guru Bio’ was published and featured on the CF home page! Here is my bio and make sure to follow my posts on College Fashionista!

Style Guru Bio: Jorge Corona

My name is Jorge and I am currently a freshman at Universidad Iberoamericana majoring in Industrial/Product Design. I am very excited to be joining the College Fashionista team this semester and feel very honored to be the very first Style Guru that CF has ever had in Mexico!

Growing up in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico had me going back and forth to San Diego nearly everyday in order to fulfill my education. This semester I decided to do something that many might consider to be completely outrageous, which was to move to a new city in which I did not know a living soul. Not just any city — Mexico City, which is one of the most populated in the world.

My passion for fashion began at a very young age. I remember having stacks of magazines when I was younger while other boys had stacks of video games. As I grew older I got more and more obsessed with the industry and decided to get involved. With photography being another one of my passions, I was the creative director for two editions of a fashion show that took place in Tijuana.

As far as my personal style goes, I would consider it a little bit grungy borderline chic. I love looking effortless but at the same time well put together. I spend way too much time lurking through fashion blogs because I love to see the different styles and trends from all over the world. With my journey as a Style Guru commencing, I cannot wait to show you all what a Mexican college has to offer!
Style On,
Jorge Corona

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