studs & sheer.

Hello everyone. Today is just another boring day of my summer break. I kind of can’t wait for school to start because being lazy is fun and all, but I actually miss the stress I used to have as a student. Today I woke up starving [as usual] and decided to go to the kitchen to grab a bite. The funny thing about me is that I absolutely love food and eating, but I couldn’t cook anything to save my life, so that is a bit of a problem. To my surprise, I opened the freezer and there was pizza! I made myself an entire one and devoured it as I was watching last night’s episode of Jersey Shore [please don’t hate me]. I also got called in to go in to work today which sucks, but that is not going to stop me from going out tonight and getting totally shit-faced. Here is a quick outfit post, hope you guys like it!


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  1. Een Hariri says:

    I have a crush on you. My boyfran is gonna hate me. Har-har. You look super in here <3

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