As I sit here on my day off from school at my usual Starbucks sipping on my venti Misto and puffing on my Camel cigarretes, I am reminiscing about something that was very dear to me that I lost last night; my round sunnies. Since I hardly ever spend time in my room due to the fact that I am usually at school or out in the street, day by day my room has become a huge mess made up of dirty laundry and school supplies. Last night as I got up to go to the bathroom I was walking and all of a sudden I heard a ‘crack’ noise. I was hoping it was a bamboo skewer I had left lying there from a project I had done but when I looked down, to my terrible luck, it was my black round sunglasses.
You might think that I am being a little dramatic to be dedicating a post to these sunglasses but the thing is that they were very special to me which is why I was so upset. I remember the day that I purchased them at a vintage store back in San Diego and tried them on, I automatically felt like they were part of me and added to my personality. You guys know when you are shopping and you find whether it be a piece of clothing, some accessories, or shoes that you try on and immediately feel like they were made for you, well that is how I felt about these sunglasses. I got them back when I was in high school and I don’t think anything has lasted me as long as these sunglasses did, not even my chelsea boots that I also love.
A couple months ago I found the exact same sunglasses at this other shop in San Diego just that the lenses were blue [you can see me wearing them in my last outfit post]. I tried popping the lenses but since they are kind of cheaply made and aren’t anything designer related, I stopped myself because I was afraid to break those as well. I guess all I have to say now is rest in piece round sunnies and I will miss you guys covering my eyes on sunny days. Thanks for all those times we had together. 
 [some of my favorite pictures of me wearing my sunglasses]

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  1. Omar Espina Calvo says:

    Rest in peace indeed U.U

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