posada all my friends 2011.

Last night a couple of the bands that played at the music festival All My Friends months back, got back together and did a smaller show at Moustache. 

This music festival organized by a Tijuana native named Martha [make sure to check out her blog], has been such a huge success because Tijuana has a lot of talent spreading everywhere despite the hateful articles some people might write or the bad reputation that the city has. The only way to truly know whats up, is for you actually attend one of these events and see for yourself. From my personal experience of going to an AMF festival I have nothing but positive feedback. The vibe was really chill and all my friends were there so it was really nice to see them [you see what I did there? lolz]. My only complaint about the festival last night was that the beer ran out really quickly and the line to the bar and the bathroom were really long, but then again, Moustache isn’t exactly the biggest bar in town, so they did a pretty good job considering the limited capacity of the place.

Some of the bands that played at the show were Inkjet, Tropical Popsicle, Jablonsky, Ibi Ego [my personal favorite], and the headliner Beach Fossils whom I unfortunately didn’t get to see since I was freezing and decided to go home a little early.

This weekend was overall very good and I am really glad to be making the best out of my remaining time here in Tijuana. I also cannot wait for next weekend because there are more shows and posadas going on so expect a post on that. In the meantime, I will try to keep up with the posting of the blog. If you guys have any ideas or personal favorite things that I write about and would like to see more of, you can contact me via Tumblr. Happy Sunday everyone!

Jason and Mely [loyal fans]

La Tiger Lily was also there!

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