nylon guys.

Now now, before you all get excited and go out looking for this issue of Nylon Guys, I’m sorry to say that it’s not real. I made it myself using Photoshop for this class that I’m taking this semester. The assignment was to make a magazine cover by mimicking our favorite existing magazine but using original photos. Since my favorite magazine is Nylon I chose to work from that. I know that the blue strip at the bottom looks ugly, but one of the requirements was to use at least four original pictures and since Nylon is a very simple magazine all around, I added the rest of my photos at the bottom to not distract the eye too much. This being only a mock cover made me think of how cool it would be to appear some day in this magazine. You never know what may happen so in the meantime I shall keep my fingers crossed!

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  1. Ives says:

    I love it love it

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