mod, meet rocker.

Ever since I can remember, the mod era is what started my love towards fashion. Being a loyal fan of The Beatles and mod princess and supermodel Twiggy, I have always loved this style that they used to have back in the sixties in England. Thankfully this trend didn’t die out like many trends have throughout the years, on the contrary, it has just become more modern and has been coming back from time and time. Ben Sherman is one of the brands that is responsible of keeping the mod era alive and fresh and oh am I so thankful for this.

 I was fortunate enough to get invited to the Ben Sherman party last week. The brand made its arrival to Mexico for the very first time as an established store. You can usually find shirts or jackets at smaller boutiques but I had never seen so much Ben Sherman all in one spot since I went to the New York store a couple years ago. This is personally one of my favorite brands, possibly even my #1 favorite if only I could afford everything. 

After seeing everything that the new collections have, I was definitely first off dying with each passing minute because I loved everything but could not buy anything due to my college student budget, but I was also inspired to change up my style a little bit. I usually tend to wear mostly black and grungier clothing but after seeing the Ben Sherman collection, I loved so many of the pieces and also how one looks in that style. So be prepared to start seeing some changes in my personal style. Mod, meet rocker!

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  1. Miss Black Book says:

    Love it !!!!!! <3

  2. Veneno says:

    te amo mucho

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