mercedes-benz fashion week mexico: day 3.

Yesterday was the third and last day [for me since today I wasn’t able to attend due to school :(] of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico. Since the first and second days my friends and I were only able to make it to two shows, we were determined to make it to all the shows this day.. something that of course didn’t happen! We got there in time to see Lydia Levin which was a folkloric collection very much inspired in our Mexican culture. It was cool to see designs that the typical Mexican woman wore many years ago but reinvented in many different ways in an entire collection. 
Afterwords we got in line to get tickets for the Julia & Renata show which was the one I had been dying to see the entire time since first saw the line up of the designers showing the collections at MBFWM. When the Lydia Levin show ended, I literally ran to the line where they were distributing the tickets and even forgot my camera at my seat [but my friend was kind enough to grab it for me]. To my luck, I was able to get the last tickets of the show and was very relieved. The show itself was very beautiful. It started with a fog machine filling the entire tent [which sucked for me because my pictures didn’t come out as good, but it looked nice] and then a sliding door opened and revealed the first look. I really liked all the pieces and in my opinion, they also had the best models.
The third and last show that I attended yesterday was by Agua Bendita. This collection was the last one of the night and it came all the way from Colombia. Before the show, I did not know what to expect since I had never heard of these designers but when the show began, I was in shock [the good kind]. Rihanna’s song ‘Where Have You Been’ started to blast as the first model came strutting down the runway. The collection was completely swimwear and the models weren’t your typical models either, they were all Colombian and very curvacious rather than the skinny tall model that we are all used to seeing. The show was very fun with music from Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and others. It was fun to see something different.
I’m very glad I got to attend this season’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico because I had such a good time all three days. With my friends that came all the way from Tijuana, to the bloggers I got to meet and hang out with, I would say that it was a complete success. I cannot wait for next season’s MBFWM!!

[with Alexis from The Journalust]

[werking it!]

[me and fellow blogger Marlon Davies]

[with Sofia from My Philosophie]
Lydia Levin

Julia y Renata

Agua Bendita

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