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My plans for today didn’t really go as well as expected. I was supposed to go out to the city and look for apartments but literally as I got out of the shower I peeked through my window and saw this terrible thunderstorm. I remember complaining a lot about how bipolar the weather was in Tijuana but I had no idea that it would be just as bad here. Instead, I put back on my pajamas and went right back into bed and pretty much ate and lurked through blogs all day.
Since I noticed that I probably spend more time going through blogs while I’m on my computer rather than facebook or twitter, I decided to dedicate a post to my top ten favorite male bloggers [in no particular order]. The reason I like looking at other people’s blogs is not because I am unhappy with my blog or my life, I simply enjoy reading about how people’s lifestyles are in other parts of the world. I also really admire the personal style of the bloggers that I listed and when I absolutely have no idea what to wear, I get inspiration from them. A reason why I started my personal blog was for the same reason as these bloggers, to show people from other parts of the world how my own lifestyle is. Hope guys you like these blogs!










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  1. Style-Spy-Blogger says:

    yaaay, thank you for this commendation:)

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