Malafacha F/W 12-13

Francisco Saldaña and Victory Hernal, the founders of Malafacha, were the ones in charge to close and wrap up the runways of IDM day two and they made sure to do it with a bang! For some, this brand could be a little confusing and extravagant due to the fact that it is a little difficult to define them as only one style. In reality this is something unique that one doesn’t see much in the Mexican fashion industry.

In this collection, we saw both pieces for men and women with a wide array of color, different textures, mixes of different prints, flow and movement, etc. What makes this brand truly unique and stand out among this industry is that they don’t fear to take risks with absolutely anything. Malafacha is capable of making a dress in the shape of a moneybag and pairing it with a pyramid head piece, and make it so that they both look very luxurious and chic. I personally want to thank these two very talented designers due to the fact that every season they present to us a very fun, entertaining, and innovative collection. Can’t wait to see what Malafacha comes up with next!


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