“lady! you don’t know shit about shit!”

Ughhhhh.. Well fuck my life right now. I have to start getting ready in a couple minutes because I’m going to take care of old people at this retirement home with this kinda youth group thing that I have. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not this evil person that hates the elder folks, I actually enjoy visiting them, but right now I am very hung over and have a pounding headache and I’m hating life and I don’t even know how I’m writing this post.
My friend Monica had her annual Halloween party at her house last night. Since Friday was such an intense day I was really relieved to be going to a house party. I dressed up as Bob Dylan and it kinda sucked because no one really knew who I was except a few people, I mean, I had the scarf, the hair, the glasses [how could they not know!] Whatever, that was that. The party itself was pretty small and not much of a ‘dance party’, it was more of like a lets gather round with our friends and drink and talk kind of party. I was fine with that because I was a little tired. They had pizza and cupcakes, which pretty much made my life because I am a hardcore pizza lover.

Just right now when I woke up I was really scared because I had a dream that I was driving really drunk in San Diego and that I got into some sort of car accident and then got a D.U.I. That was a pretty random dream and more so because I hardly ever dream anything. Why can’t I just dream happy stuff? L Anyway. I’m going to go get ready for this thing I have and then I work closing shift woo hoo! LOVING MY LIFE! [sarcasm]. Hope everyone has a happy Sunday in your warm beds while I’m out in the world suffering.

by the way, I shot in color last night because everyone had some nice colorful costumes.


Aunt Jemima! Best Costume!

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