imsopale spring 13.

I guess you could say that spring and summer are the two seasons I am least fond of out of the year. If it were up to me and I was a bear or something, I would choose to hibernate during this time of the year. I am not really big on hot weather or the trends that come out during these seasons. I am all about wearing dark or neutral colors, jackets, and coats all year round. This pessimist mentality of mine changed when I saw the clothing my friend Alex from Imsopale was making.

I came across Alex’s blog about a year ago and ever since I started following him, I can’t stop. This guy blogs mainly about his life, the music he is listening to, and other random stuff he does. Right now he is really into designing clothes for men which I think is something really cool because there aren’t that many Mexican menswear designers out there; plus his designs are very wearable and well constructed. He currently has two collections out and they both are to die for. Make sure to check out his blog and all the cool stuff that my talented friend does.
Check out Imsopale’s blog & facebook page!

[Photos via Imsopale’s facebook page.]

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  1. Alex Tolosa says:

    Aww, no habia visto esto, mil gracias :'D

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