i’m as free as my hair.

Hello readers. Today I woke up in a very good mood. There were clouds covering the entire sky therefore the sun wasn’t out and the weather was pretty cool. I was very glad due to the fact that these past few days have been like hell due to a heatwave that came across my city. I am not really a big fan of hot weather or clothing. I love layering up and if you do that here in San Diego with the weather being close to 100 degrees [not kidding, it got that high once at my school] you will probably get a heat stroke and pass out or something. Anyway, I went to school today and afterword since I had some time to kill, I did a little shopping and got a haircut.

My hair, oh my hair. Let me just start by saying that if there is a specific something that I take a risk on it is definitely my hair. Within the past few years I could not count how many different styles I have had it. From preppy spikey on the front; to emo-ish long with long bangs and sideburns; to an Elvis-like bobby pinned pompadour; and to most recently crazy-bitch-give me my children back-shaved Britney Spears. Not so long ago when I decided to shave my head I just wanted to see what I looked like so I did it. I kinda liked it at first [without the fact that my mother would call me a skin-head everytime she saw me] but then I got bored of not having to do anything in order to style it, so I decided to grow it out again.

Today when I went to the salon with my usual stylist, I told her to do something completely different other than what I had had before. She started shaving the sides and I thought to myself, “great, again with the modern James Dean hipster look that EVERYONE has.” I didn’t tell her anything but when she finished I just gave a fake smile and said “oh its nice.” When she turned me around and gave me a mirror to hold and see the back, whoa! was I surprised! She made the back look like a faux-hawk thing I dont even know to explain but anyway I think it goes well with my face and head. In the end I ended up really liking my haircut and remember guys, take risks and always be as free as your hair!


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