i heard that you like the bad boys honey, is that true?

 Finally downloaded Lana Del Rey’s new album Born to Die from iTunes last night! I was a little impressed to have done this because I have never actually bought anything from iTunes before but when I heard that it came out I went to a few CD stores and none of them had it so I just bought it online and absolutely love it! In other news I didn’t really go out this weekend and its weird since I have a 3-day weekend but lately I’ve been really exhausted and kinda just wanted to relax a little. In a bit I am going to go out and look for apartments because my stay at my current one was just temporary and its time for me to move out so hopefully I find something nice! Hope everyone has a happy Sunday watching the Super Bowl or whatever which I will not be doing [well maybe just to see Madonna perform!].


[jacket: I.N.C. ; skinny jeans: Cheap Monday; boots: ASOS]

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  1. Kenove says:

    gracias sofia! tu blog es muy hermoso y tienes gran estilo! que padre que tmb eres mexicana <3

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