“i can’t steal you no, like you stole me.”

 This past week has probably been my busiest yet. A whole bunch of school work piled on to me and going out wasn’t even an option for me. Last night when I got home from school, I spent the rest of my day catching up on the last episodes of Gossip Girl that I had missed. I finished watching them this morning and saw Blair’s disaster wedding and Georgina’s return etc. After watching these episodes and not being so into them as I used to be, I remembered why I started watching the show, because of Taylor Momsen.

It’s weird to say that I idolize this girl a little even though she is younger than me but it is true. I loved her on the show and when she left I was a little upset but then when I heard her band The Pretty Reckless, I was glad she left the show because her music is great and her band has become one of my favorite ones. I really love her personal rock and roll/punk style and I must admit that I myself am very inspired by the way she dresses. Many of us see pictures and interviews of Taylor and think she is probably a bitch or something [I used to think that as well], but believe me she is not one at all! When I went to her concert last year, I got meet and greet passes and met her and the band. She was really down to earth and even told me that she liked my DIY Edie Sedgwick shirt.

Check out her new video in which she looks absolutely beautiful titled ‘You’ that just came out, also here are a few pictures I took from that concert that I had on my other blog that didn’t really make it [lol].

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  1. Luisa Verdee says:

    I love her! I loved her in GG, and I love her now even more!

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