home sweet home.

Last night I went out here in TJ to a party at this place called Marko Disco. I personally had a really good time due to the fact that I saw many friends that I hadn’t seen since I left to Mexico City. The thing about partying in Tijuana vs. Mexico City is that okay, obviously Mexico City due to the large size of the city it has more variety in places to go and since they are more intense, you party harder and last all night. Tijuana’s party scene might not be as extravagant but people really do know how to have a good time no matter where they are or what they do. It was so nice to see these faces again and I have to admit that they are something that I miss posting in my blog about but lets not get nostalgic now, I will be back next month for the summer so for now, good bye Tijuana, I love you and will miss you. See you soon!

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  1. Daniel José Cabrera Castro says:

    Hola!! He visto el enlace en twitter y te sigo desde ahora. Te invito a mis blogs

    marsboyfriend.blogspot.com y artsboyfriend.blogspot.com

    besos, marsboyfriend

  2. Veneno says:

    bello bello bellisimo, tu blazer, tu ropita, tú.

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