hf hyperactif.

So the IDM posts continue today on Factory Boy. The cool thing about IDM is that not only is it a fashion gathering with just a runway and collections from designers, it also has a showroom with various brands [all mexican as well]. This is a cool thing to do because the spectators can walk around and check out the things that these designers have, talk to them more about their label, and even purchase the clothing or accessories. One showroom in particular that really caught my eye and was my favorite was HF Hyperactif.
This brand was created by a young duo named Israel Palacios and Karina Osorio. These designers create unique mens tshirts as well as jewelry. They recently started producing fleece products such as this hoodie/jumper that I saw and really liked. Their showroom in IDM really caught my eye because even though it was very simple, it looked very clean and was well exhibited with a cool bamboo structure on top. I was really drawn to a couple of their tshirts and when I saw the prices, they were very reasonable as well. After having a really pleasing conversation with Israel, he explained to me a little bit more about the brand and what they aim for. Many designers fear the tshirt buisness because it is something very generic that also has a lot of competition in the industry so I really liked that HF Hyperactif has the motivation to keep the brand going and I wish them the best of luck in everything that they do. Can’t wait to get my hand on some of their pieces!
make sure to like their fan page on facebook to see more of what HF Hyperactif does!

Karina & Israel [the designers]

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  1. Israel Palacios says:

    excelente nota !

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