factory boy for TXTL.

I had the pleasure with meeting up this past December with Melissa Canseco the co-editor of a new blog that she started with two other colleges named TXTL. She first contacted me via lookbook.nu and told me a little about how she was starting this new blog and was interested in meeting up with me in Tijuana for a photo shoot and an interview. After hearing about her new project, I loved the idea and immediately said yes. TXTL is mainly a blog for those fashion and style aficionados but it also encompasses the music industry and other cool interesting news that are going on around Mexico. I loved the idea that they had of featuring individuals from our country whether they be a blogger, designer or do anything interested related to the fashion industry because I personally believe that Mexico is very underrated when it comes to fashion and isn´t really taken into consideration as much as other countries. It´s really great that people like Melissa and her crew are taking the initiative and are increasing the blogger movement here in Mexico and I must say that with their short time of having launched their blog, they are definitely off to a great start!

Make sure to check out these other photos that TXTL took of me and watch the interview!

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