edith minturn sedgwick.

Edie Sedgwick [also known as Andy Warhol’s It Girl] has been one of my biggest inspirations for many years now. One may ask, “well, why? did she do anything?” The fact that she was so glamorous and lived her life without any limits and restrictions is something that I really admire about her.

The first time I ever
heard of her was back when I was in middle school. I used to be an Andy Warhol freak and one day as I was looking through some photos of him, I spotted Edie and wondered who this girl was. I did some research on her and wow, goodbye Andy, hello Edie, it was love at first sight [hypothetically speaking].

In 2006 when
Factory Girl came out [a movie about her life starring Sienna Miller], my love for her grew even more. I don’t quite idolize her every action like the drugs and those other extremes, but if given the opportunity to sit down and have a cup of coffee with any public figure from the past, I would choose her in a heartbeat.

I know this post might seem a little like I’m kissing her ass.. wait I am. For those of you wondering where the name of my blog came from, I have Ms. Sedgwick to thank for. Anyway, I am coincidentally watching the movie as I write this and I don’t want to ramble anymore so have a good day/night everyone and if you haven’t seen Factory Girl, I highly suggest that you do, you wont regret it!


[images taken from http://ediesuperstar.tumblr.com/ & google]

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  1. Alexander L says:

    I love her too!
    Shes amazing!

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