dress for less.

I always wondered how people my age from other blogs I’ve seen were able to dress so cool. When I thought about it well, they are probably students or have some retail job that doesn’t pay enough, well at least not enough to survive with life and on top of that have the luxury of buying tons of clothes. Of course there are those who get spoiled by their parents, or others that by fame have been able to gain sponsors and receive free clothing from them.. well, thats not the case for me. I have been getting a little tired of wearing the same things over and over again, so these days that I have been on vacation from school with nothing to do, I’ve gone out scouting around some thrift stores and guess what?? Christmas came early for me this year!

Thrift shopping is something that not a lot of people like doing because they find it a hassle to look through continuous racks of random clothing.. or then you find something you like but its not in your size.. or others simply because they would rather just not waste time and go directly to a common store. It does require a lot of time and patience but for me, personally I find it to be a lot of fun. Bottom line here is that if you loose the mentality that some old lady wore what you are about to purchase and have the patience to go out and dig through old clothing, you might sometimes find some pretty cool stuff and will end up with pieces that one one else has! Here are a few things I found thrift shopping this past week at such unbelievable prices for example, can you believe that suede-ish camel jacket was only three dollars!

p.s. the cherry doc martens are also new but I purchased those full price since I have been dying to get them.. and now I have yay! 😀

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  1. Alex Tolosa says:

    Nada libera más endorfinas en el cuerpo que gastar dinero en ropa linda :'D

    Hola Kenove.
    Adios Kenove.

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