double trouble.

Not too long ago a group of Mexican male bloggers including myself made a small group on Facebook where we sometimes talk about blogger things. Thanks to this mini community I was able to discover some pretty cool new blogs I had never heard of before. Among them was a really cool guy named Hen Evia.
Henry and I both live in Mexico City so meeting in person was a must. We really hit it off from the start and became great friends. The cool thing about these kinds of friendships is that since you both share the same interests, you can collaborate and help one another. I shot these pictures the other day with Hen and despite the terrible weather we had a great time. I encourage you all to go over and check out his blog [], which is really fun. I don’t know how this kid does it but he posts almost every single day and really keeps you entertained with his quirky and unique writing style. Expect more collaborations with Hen and I in the future!
– Jorge.

I’m wearing: Thrifted neck-scarf, Banana Republic denim jacket, H&M jeans & cardigan, Polo red socks, Steve Madden oxfords

photos by Hen Evia
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