DIY: safety pin cross t shirt.

For a while now I had seen this cross t shirt made out of safety pins on Tumblr and several other blogs and fell in love with it. It kept popping up until I said “okay, time to make it!” So I did and decided to do a little DIY tutorial to show you guys how to make it yourself! This DIY is not as complicated as it looks like, it just takes some patience but anyway, here are the steps to take in order to make it.
What you need:
  • cotton t shirt [it is very important that it is cotton because it holds very well. If you use a stretchier material, the shirt might get deformed with the weight of the pins. Also, I choose to make it in grey but you can make it from any solid colored t shirt] 
  • ruler
  • pencil [or something to draw with, drawing pencils work really well because the graphite doesn’t ruin the t shirt]
  • A LOT of safety pins. [I used a little over 200 but you can choose to use more or less]

How To

Start of by drawing the actual cross onto your t shirt using your ruler and pencil. It is very important that the vertical part of the cross is centered where the collar goes and that the width of it measures a little less than that of your pins. For the horizontal cross [which is the shorter one] I made mine under the underarm so that way when you move your arms, the pins do not get in the way.

Start putting the pins through your shirt along the lines you marked with your pencil. Make sure that they go in through one line and poke out through the other one, this will ensure that all your pins line up.

Once you finish the vertical line it should look something like this.

Once you finish the vertical line, start with the horizontal one. This one is a little trickier because it is divided into two parts since the longer one cuts through the center. For this part of the cross, you are now going to poke your safety pins in a vertical position [going up and down]. Keep on putting pins until you reach the underarm. 

Once you finish one side of the cross, continue with the next and follow the same exact procedure.

Once you have put all your pins, your shirt should look like this and a cross should be formed!


This last step is optional but is something that I do to many of my shirts that gives them a cool worn out look. Take a piece of sand paper and gently rub parts of the shirt with it in circles. It should eventually start tearing the shirt a little and give it some rips and holes. Obviously do this in parts of the shirt where you don’t mind showing a little skin such as the bottom, collar or the sleeves.

This is what my final result looks like! Another step you can take is to cut the sleeves off of the shirt and it will make a great tank top as well, I might do that later on! Now you can do this simple DIY at home and have your own cool safety pin cross t shirt as well!

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