dear santa.

Hello readers.. readers? Hope I still have any! 🙁 Sorry I have been M.I.A lately just that finals have literally taken over my life for the past couple of weeks which meant no partying or blogging or nothing. I am OH SO GLAD to announce that today was my official last day of school and my last day at San Diego State University! I say this like my school is terrible, I know; it’s actually not so bad, just that since I am close to being a Junior and I am still undeclared with my major since SDSU doesn’t have it, I just feel like I am wasting my time here which is why I am transferring out next semester. Everything is all set and done for Mexico City next semester! I already bought my one way plane ticket for the 4th of January and now the only thing I would be needing is a place to stay!

In other news, I am also very glad to say that I got an internship at College Fashionista as Style Guru for my new school [Universidad Iberoamericana]! This means that I’m going to have to stalk people with nice outfits and take a picture of them for the website. Being new to the school I know this is really going to be a true challenge for me because not only am I a little shy, but ‘chilangos’ [people from Mexico City] are a little intense [in both good and bad ways], I guess this will be a good tool for me to socialize with well dressed people so thank you CF!

With Christmas being a little over a week away, I haven’t really gotten into Christmas Spirit yet with all the stuff that I have been doing but I believe I am going to buy my tree this weekend with my family so I can’t wait for that because that is my favorite part of Christmas, oh and the presents of course! With that being said, I thought to myself, “What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t make a Christmas Wishlist!?” so i decided to make one. I’m not sure how many of those things I’m actually going to be getting since my parents are already supporting me with my school transfer and moving, but I am hoping to at least get a few! So mom and dad, if you read my blog [which I REALLY hope you don’t] this is what I want for Christmas. Hope everyone has a nice weekend and winter break 😀


1. Varsity Jacket
2. Harness Biker Boots
3. Burgundy Pants
4. iPad 2
5. Fred Perry Holdall Bag
6. Hollow Square Ring from ASOS
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