coachella 2015.

Factory Boy is back and what better way to return than with a post from one of the best weekends of my life.. Coachella!! I went to the festival in its second weekend with a group of friends from Mexico City and also ran into my sister for a while. Words can´t really explain the entire experience since it was so overwhelming and out of this world. This was the first time I attended the festival ´legally´since the last time I went it was only for a day and I sort of crashed it. The entire weekend was filled with so much laughter and good vibes that it was really hard for me to return to reality. Here are some pictures with my favorite moments from Coachella, hope you guys like them!

– Jorge.

I´m wearing:

Day 1: Vans shoes, Forever 21 chinos, American Apparel tank top, thrifted bandana, thrifted sunglasses (pictures from this outfit are not in this post but you can check them out on my instagram!)

Day 2: H&M shorts, Vans shirt, thrifted bandana, Vans sunglasses

Day 3: Vans shoes, H&M shorts, Tommy Hilfiger cut t-shirt, thrifted bandana, thrifted sunglasses
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  1. Henry Evia says:

    Welcome back, freak face.

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