blue jeans, white shirt.

Well like I mentioned in my last post, this past weekend I took a trip to the Anaheim/LA area and did some sight seeing. I went over to Beverly Hills and also had a little early birthday shopping day. I found some pretty cool stuff at the shops there that I wouldn’t normally find in San Diego much less in Mexico. What I love about shopping in LA is that okay, they have similar stores such as the ones I have down here, but the cool part is that they get more exclusive items therefore you don’t see as many people wearing them. I got a really cool pair of boots at H&M that you will probably see me wearing a lot from now on since I am crazy over them and can’t take them off. I took some pictures of myself wearing my new boots along with a comfortable outfit for a day out in the city. Hope you guys like!

• hooded leather studded vest – DIY. • sunglasses – H&M • white tee – Target • skinny jeans – Zara • polka dot socks – H&M • boots – H&M •

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  1. Veneno says:

    Mi bebé guapítzimo!

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