I’ve been to Coachella and I have also been to EDC.. but nothing tops what went on last weekend over at Las Estacas natural reserve in Morelos, Mexico. I can honestly say it has been one of the best weekends of my life. I went to this new festival called Bahidorá with my friends from school and holy fuck.. I still cannot get over it with a week already having passed by. Let me start from the start. Las Estacas is this park where people usually go camping, swim in its amazing river and check out all that it has. One may think, well.. whats so great about a camp site with a river? Last weekend it wasn’t just this; it was transformed into Bahidorá, a magical place where everyone is happy and all your worries are forgotten. Many mellow-electricish bands came to play such as Astro, Cocorosie, Gold Panda and many more. Long story short.. it was a weekend full of happiness and good vibes coming from everywhere and everyone. With many painted faces, indian feathers, and flowers in people’s hair, we were teleported to a magical place with such a sick vibe I had never felt before. Overall, good shit.. REALLY good shit. Can’t wait till next year’s Bahidorá!!
[special thanks to Maria an Noemi for thanking these photos.]


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  1. Guy Overboard says:

    Crazy!! 😀

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