bahidorá basics.

Hey guys sorry I have been gone for so long but technology decided to go against me so at the moment I am camera-less. I also apologize in advance because I shot these photos with my ipad and the quality kind of sucks but hey, at least I tried to make them look kind of cute with the little crafty scenery I made J. Anyway all apologies aside, back to the topic of this post.
Bahidorá is exactly two weeks away and I could not be more excited. This is the music festival I went to last year in Las Estacas. A reader messaged me and we had a Little conversation about the festival. Since this was her first time going, she asked me if I could do a post of the “Bahidorá Basics” and since this is a music festival that I love and am very much looking foreword to, I of course said yes. So here are some of my Bahidorá basics you CANNOT forget about. Hope this post helps and if there are any things on your list that I forgot about please let me know. Also if you see me walking around Bahidorá make sure to say hi!

The list starts off with your tickets!! You cannot forget these. I remember last year a buddy of mine forgot his in the city and .. well.. he wasn’t too happy about it. I have two in the picture since one is for camping.

Las Estacas is a natural reserve with a real river flowing past it, so make sure to bring your swimsuits so you can go swimming and jump off El Borbollon.

A dry pair of clothing is also necessary so that after you go swimming or someone spills something on you, that you have some extra clothes to change into. This place is pretty hot during this time of the year so I recommend summer clothing (tshirts, tank tops, shorts, etc.)

As far as footwear goes, for music festivals I prefer to wear something that will protect my feet but is also comfortable. A lot of people will probably be wearing sandals but I will be taking my Dr. Martens and vans with me. J

A jacket or a warm sweater. It does get a little chilly after the sun goes down so make sure to bring something that protects you from the cold. Nothing too fancy since this is a pretty chill festival. One of those Oaxacan hoodies is perfect for the occasion!
Hats are a good idea to protect your face from being exposed all day to the sunlight. I for one always forget to put on sunscreen so a hat helps preventing those sunburns!

Along with hats, sunglasses also help with the burning sun.

If you are a smoker like me, make sure to bring cigarettes! Lots and lots of cigarettes! Packs are usually very expensive at music festivals so it’s best to get them before at your local convenience store, or in Mexico, your nearest Oxxo. If you smoke something other than cigarettes make sure to bring that as well (wink wink). And why not some smuggled in alcohol inside of your sleeping bags!

Money, an ID and your phone to keep communicated with your friends in case someone gets separated from the group are also important. The watch is optional and not really necessary but I threw it in there just in case you are one of those people who like to keep track of time (even though in this festival time doesn’t really matter).

A camera to take some photos and bring back those good memories with you. I recommend bringing a disposable one instead of your nice one just in case it gets wet or lost. Besides, pictures come out really cool with those cheap disposable cameras!

Camping gear, which includes: a tent, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, etc. This is if you are camping, which I highly recommend just because it’s safer and more convenient.

Your friends! Bahidorá is about having fun, so bring all your friends, boyfriends, girlfriend, etc. and make sure not to get separated from them!

This is it for my little list of Bahidorá basics. Hope it Helped! Here is the band line up in case you were wondering who was playing.

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