back to school shopping.

Today was a very nice and productive day. I rearranged my room yesterday and not only does it look nicer, I was also able to get a better sleep. I met up with a friend of mine named Carlos for a cup of coffee. We talked about life, Lady GaGa and other things. It was nice seeing him because we don’t usually hang out that much but I had a rather nice chat.

After Carlos left to go to work, I decided I was going to do a little shopping with the new school semester being only a week away. To my surprise I was able to find some pretty nice pieces and at great prices [thank life for thrift stores]. I purchased a couple tees and v-necks, a pair of jeans, some sunglasses, and a leather one-fold wallet to hold the big money [just kidding]. Here are some photos of today’s purchases, hope you like them!


[Striped T-Shirt & Black V-Neck – American Apparel; Navy V-Neck – BDG]
 [D.Y.I. D.A.R.E. T-Shirt – Thrifted]
[Skinny Jeans – Cheap Monday]
[Round Sunglasses w/ Green Lense – Thrifted]
[One-Fold Leather Wallet – Thrifted]
Make sure to hype my new look ‘D.A.R.E.’!
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