baby steps.

I have never been a big fan of wearing shorts. I know most people go crazy about them and cant wait until the summer so they can show off their sexy legs but this is not the case for me. Its not that I have a problem or anything with my legs, I simply feel more comfortable wearing pants.
I was going through my past outfit posts and noticed that almost all of them look the same and I had never posted anything with shorts. I decided to take this risk and go out of my comfort zone and I have to admit that I really ended up liking the result. It’s always good to try new things to keep your style interesting. You can do this without necessarily loosing your personal essence like I did with this nearly all black outfit. Baby steps you guys, baby steps.

– Jorge.

photos by Tony Montaño
I’m wearing: ASOS hat & backpack, Target t-shirt, H&M shorts, Dr. Martens boots
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