all my friends.

All My Friends is a music festival that took place in Tijuana yesterday. This year they hosted it at a place called The Millionaire’s House [which is a huge house where many parties take place at]. I arrived there at around 8pm with my friend Hilda and wasn’t really feeling the vibe at first, probably because I think it was the first time I had gone to a music festival since The Warped Tour back in like 2006. This festival was way smaller than any of those music festivals due to the fact that it was mainly local bands playing. With three stages and over twenty live bands, DJs, and artists playing, the night was getting better and better. The ‘venue’ itself also had a couple of food stands, alcohol, a pool, and booths with artists selling their pieces.

Overall the bands were very good. I was surprised to see how many talented musicians there were out there and mostly all from the city that I live in! As far as the genre of the entirety of the event, it was really varied. There were rock bands, electronic djs, indie bands, etc. I thought this variation was great so that way the crowd doesn’t get bored of listening to the same thing over and over again. Each performance was also very unique in its own way. There was a band called San Pedro el Cortez that had a guy dressed in a sequins dress and by the end of their show fire flares came out of the heads of their guitars [which I thought was pretty sick]. There was another band called Mentira Mentira who’s main genre consisted of rock and even though there were only three band members, they gave one hell of a show and managed to make their crowd form a mosh-pit. My personal favorite was a musician named Dani Shivers who’s plays sort of an electronic-spooky-horror film-esque type music. She played at an out doors stage and gave a great performance with smoke surrounding her, glitter paper in the air, and a great vibe from everyone [I even sang along to a few of her songs].

[Dani Shivers]

Tijuana might have the reputation of being a drug-dealing city with a lot of crime [and it is], but it is also full of talented artists like the ones I saw last night. I am very glad that I live here and in all honesty, people that ‘say’ they know how to party, well no one really parties like us Tijuanenses [so be jealous]. All My Friends music festival was the perfect way to end my weekend. Now I will do homework while I listen to all of the Soundclouds from the artists that played last night.



[Mentira Mentira]


[Dani Shivers]

[San Pedro el Cortez]

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